What are your qualifications to provide a professional rehabilitative care?

We have a licence from the local healthcare authority and over 20 years of experience in provision of rehabilitative care to neurological, orthopaedic and gynaecologic patients. We closely cooperate with JCI accredited University hospital of Ostrava. We are a member of Treatment Abroad association.


How will I communicate with the doctors, dentists, nurses and other health workers involved in my care?

Many of our staff members speak English nevertheless you will have a dedicated interpreter that will accompany you to your regular appointments with our doctor. On arrival he will guide you through the centre and accompany you when you take the first rehabilitative procedures. He will be also available on the phone any time in case you need any support outside of working hours.


What language will my medical notes be in and how will you ensure that they are exchanged between the medical teams in this country and abroad?

We accept medical records in English. Discharge report will be provided in English and can be sent to your GP or specialist.


Does the doctor, clinic or hospital have insurance that covers my procedure?

Yes, the clinic is fully insured.


Will I be offered a consultation before I commit to any treatment?

Yes, our coordinator together with the medical staff are happy to answer all your questions via email or phone.


What happens if I’m unhappy with the treatment or there are complications after the procedure?

You can fill in the complaint form or contact our International Client Coordinator. If you have any complications during the treatment you can contact permanent medical services - doctors or nurses. They are there for you 24/7.


What happens if my health condition gets worse and I need a treatment externally?

We will make your any appointment at the nearest hospital, arrange the transportation there and accompany you to the appointment.

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