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Spa komplex

Klimkovice spa is located 10 km from the city of Ostrava in the northeast of the Czech Republic.

The spa area is surrounded by a forest at the foot of the Low Jeseník in a beautiful landscape scenery with views of the Beskydy Mountains.


The spa complex consists of two bathhouses, a third building with offices and plant rooms and an outdoor area.


Bathhouse A immediately catches the attention with its variety of shapes, colours and surfaces. In the premises of the hospital there's accommodation, catering and therapeutic facilities. The five-floor building is fully wheelchair accessible and is equipped with four elevators. The bathhouse also has a colonnade, restaurant and bar.

Guests can use the services of the Czech Post, grocery stores, cosmetics and hairdresser. ATM is available.


Bathhouse B is mainly used for treatment and accommodation of children due to its playful architectural concept. This bathhouse is also fully wheelchair accessible. Bathhouse B does not only contain accommodation, catering and treatment part, but also a canteen, special school, nursery, playroom, theatre hall and a rehabilitation pool.


The third building is located in a separate block and has an underground corridor linking the technical facilities of the spa with bathhouses A and B.


The outdoor area offers a wide range of sports and relaxation opportunities. There are outdoor Priessnitz baths for upper and lower limbs; mini-golf, playground, outdoor kids' playground and amphitheatre.


The newly created forest park is fully wheelchair accessible and it's ideal for relaxing walks and children's games. The forest park is equipped with benches for visitors; a summer house with seating and a special relaxation pyramid. Children will appreciate the many gaming and interactive wooden elements.

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