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Klimkovice Spa is a modern spa with a unique healing source.


Is it iodobromine water from mineral sea formed in the Tertiary period, which contains an extremely high concentration of active minerals and iodine.


Highly concentrated iodobromine brine is a valuable, original and naturally therapeutic mineral sea water formed during the Tertiary orogeny. This unique, highly saline water is compared to the water of the Dead Sea due to its strong concentration of minerals. But the therapeutic significance of its iodine content exceeds it. Further, its content of other minerals is almost double the amount found in the Dead Sea.


Iodine-bromine brine is pumped by Klimkovice Sanatorium from four wells with a depth of 400-500 m and is applied in the form of baths and local poultice. Klimkovice spa balm is produced from its concentrate.


Valuable iodine-bromine brine baths used in the form of baths and wraps help in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, neurological and gynaecological diseases, but also acts favorably on the vascular system.


The spa treatment with iodine-bromine water supports the immune processes, has a positive effect on overall fitness, motor skills and the functioning of the peripheral and central nervous system.

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