Manus-Reha is the new therapeutic program within neurorehabilitation. It is designed for patients with acquired damage of CNS with clinical deficiency of mobility of upper limbs.



It is intensive ergotherapy lasting 90 minutes a day focusing on upper limb using elements:

  • Protracted positioning of spastic upper limb thanks to the special splint
  • Therapy with vibrating expedients, air splints
  • Active training in form of repeated quick movements – principle of CI therapy
  • Possibility of using the robotic hand, biofeedback of hand, electric functional neuro-stimulation of hand

The goal of this therapeutic program is, thanks to the 90 minutes time subsidy using special expedients and therapeutic procedures, to influence spasticity and active mobility of disabled upper limb.  



Program is intended for these indications:

  • conditions after vascular encephalic incidence
  • conditions with consequences after traumatic damage of brain

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