Intensive rehabilitation for children with locomotion deficiency of different origin:


  • results of brain damage (cerebral palsy, vascular encephalic incidence)
  • any post-traumatic condition (head or limbs injuries, poly-trauma)
  • conditions after inflammatory and rheumatic diseases     


How does it work?


Basis is intensive exercising with therapist lasting 60 minutes. Therapy takes place in the environment of therapeutic exercising box and special air splints Urias can be applied. Therapist uses various special expedients that enhance the effect of therapy and fix newly emerging movement skills and patterns. Lately established balance center is actively used within this program. Program is suitable also for very small children from the age of 1 year already.


What results can be achieved?


Normalization of proprioceptive reactions is done (decreasing of child’s irritation) same as stretching of shortened muscles, centering and releasing of limbs, increasing of muscular strength, improvement of mobility, stability, coordination, rough and fine locomotion and training of proper movement stereotypes. Together with that is sensory perception increasing and therapy has a positive effect on psyche.

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