Effect of Klim therapy

101 children with an average age of 8.44 years were involved in the evaluation, 90% of whom had cerebral palsy.


The level of handicap of particular clients in tested group on GMFCS E-R scale

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LEVEL I – they walk without restriction and climb stairs without using handrail. They can run and jump, but speed, balance and coordination is restricted.

LEVEL II – they walk without restriction but they hold on to the handrail while climbing stairs. They cannot run or jump. They have problems while walking for longer distances and they sometimes need crutches, walker or a wheelchair.

LEVEL III – they walk with mobility aids indoors and they use a wheelchair for longer distances.

LEVEL IV – independent mobility is restricted. Children use mobility aids that need physical assistance or an electric wheelchair in almost all environments.

LEVEL V – they use a mechanical wheelchair at all times. Children are limited in ability to hold their head and trunk anti-gravitationally or to control the mobility of arms and lower limbs.


All 101 children were tested by a therapist at entry examination and at final examination. The test focused on evaluating the quality of particular tasks which contain different types of sitting, standing, walking or fine locomotion. Every item is marked with 0-3 points according to the ability of performance.


0 – cannot be done, 1 – can be done with help, 3 – can be done independently.

Maximum possible number of points is 143 (the level of able-bodied person).


After 28 days of therapy (20 exercise days), locomotion abilities were improved on average by 14.7%. It can be said that the clients have moved up a category (i.e. from level V to Level IV etc.). The improvement concerned the ability to hold the head (group V), roll over (groups IV) or walk independently for short distance (groups III). There was visible improvement of body coordination and balance and decrease of uncontrolled failures of movements, the releasing of muscular contractions and other problems.


The effect multiplies with repeated therapy. It is recommended to undergo the therapy twice a year.


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