Ema a CITCI Therapy or constraint induced therapy is a unique summary of rehabilitation techniques that in expressive way reduces deficiency of afflicted upper or lower limb. Sanatoria Klimkovice is the only facility in central Europe that provides this therapy for upper limb and the only facility in the world that provides it for lower limb.

Substantiality of CI Therapy is working with brain and using its ability to create new links and ways that improve activity of weaker limb. To obtain intensity it is necessary to fix a healthy arm in special splint during the therapy. That way has brain bigger possibility to take sufficient amount of impulses to improve function of weaker hand. Therapist focuses on improvement of locomotion activity of weaker limb using different expedients and that makes for mastering the daily life activities on its highest level such as dressing up, self-feeding and hygiene.   


CI Therapy for lower limbs passes of without fixation of stronger limb because it is not learned non-use but improper use. Therapy focuses on improvement of coordination, stability and balance. During CI therapy that points to the lower limbs with concurrent syndrome of falling tiptoe is also used neuro-stimulator. That device transmits impulses to the brain and gives orders to elevate tiptoe every time when it is necessary to lift the tiptoe at stepping phase.
Very important is also presence of one of the parents or guardian during the therapy and understanding of complex philosophy of treatment because the parent is the one that corrects child during the rest of the day and his / her hand is the helping hand for managing activities that child mastered earlier with stronger limb.

Which patients is the therapy suitable for?
CI Therapy is suitable for children with cerebral palsy, after encephalic incidence, or with differently weakened limbs resulting from brain damage in subchronic phase of disease (but first within 3 months after disease), or in chronic phase of disease.

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