Ema na Klim Therapy

A revolutionary and unique method of rehabilitation, the natural healing resource forms the basis of a specialized program, KLIM-THERAPY, designed for children from 2 to 17 years.


The basis of this unique method is a daily three-hour intensive training program, which uses a special stabilization space suit technology. The stabilization suit greatly increases the therapeutic effect of exercise on the neurophysiological damaged nervous system.


Which patients are suitable

Klim-Therapy is successfully applied to clients with cerebral palsy, motor disabilities, hyperkinesis, after a stroke, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.


How long does it take and how is

Klim-Therapy is 28 days if the client enters therapy for the first time. 14 days if the client has previously completed a 28-day stay. Physical therapy KLIM-THERAPY is in the room, which includes among others, exercise special UEU box, stabilizing clothes and other supplies.


What results can be expected

Therapeutic plan helps to improve not only physical, but also mental abilities client, to improve self-sufficiency, the ability to change the coordinating body in space, changing pathological reflexes, restore proper movement habits and enhance muscle strength.

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