Specialised therapy REHA BASIC 18 + for adults with severe motor or psychomotor impairment.


This special programme offers a significant tactile and multisensory stimulation for the body and thus influences and maximises the potential of the brain. Concurrently, the secondary treatment positively affects the musculoskeletal system changes that occur as a result of prolonged inactivity or reduced activity often in combination with spasticity.

These include muscle and tendon shortening and retraction of the joint capsules, which then lead to decentration of joints. This increases pain and affects an individual's active motricity, which can then be significantly reduced.


Which patients is the treatment suitable for?

The therapy is indicated for patients with cerebral palsy, traumatic and post-inflammatory brain conditions, microcephaly, after vascular brain disorders with serious consequences, cancer damage, including post-operative conditions. The cause and the age at which motoric or psychomotoric damage happened does not play a role in this therapy.


How long does the programme take?

28 days for the first stay, 14 days for repeated stays.



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