Within the REHAKLIM 18+ program are applied air splints URIAS. Therapeutic effect is not local only at the place of application but concurrently afflicts also distant structures. Combination of different types of splints and expedients or mechanisms according to individually chosen training of activity or movement then increases the effect on locomotion functions. Very effective means is the exercising that uses a hanging device called Redcord.

This system enables concurrently simplifies movements or on the other hand makes them more difficult according to the patient’s actual condition and stated goal of the therapy and that can be done in all postural positions (lying down, sitting, standing, kneeling). Patient then can manage exercising positions and therapeutic elements that couldn’t be done at the normal course of events. Moreover can be exercising elements aimed very precisely to the places where are the weakest links of movement apparatus.

Individual attitude for every patient is preferred and procedures are prescribed according to the actual health condition.


Program is determined for adults with locomotion and cognitive deficiencies of various types:

  • after math of brain disorder (cerebral palsy, vascular encephalic incidence)
  • any post-injury conditions (head injuries, poly-trauma)


Therapeutic unites

  • therapy with air splints URIAS – passive correction, stretching and fixation of limbs
  • active exercising in hanging device Redcord – active exercising focused on the weakest links of movement apparatus
  • multisensoric stimulation in Snoezelen


Effect of the treatment

proprioceptive reactions are being normalized (decrease of irritation), shortened muscles are being stretched, limb muscular tension is being centered and optimized, muscular strength is being increased, mobility, stability, coordination, rough and fine locomotion is being improved, proper movement stereotypes are being trained. Therapy also positively afflicts psychics.



The length of program is 3 weeks


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