The programme is designed for children with physical disability of various origin, such as the consequences of brain damage (cerebral palsy, stroke), traumatic conditions (head trauma, extremities trauma, multiple trauma), post-inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.


The essence of the treatment programm

As part of the Rehaklim aktiv junior treatment programme, air splints URIAS are applied with their passive and active effect on the musculoskeletal system. Optimal support for the limb is enabled by the inflatable splint, which promotes automatically correct settings for the parts including the root joint limbs and torso. The correct position of the limbs using an inflatable splint prevents pathological synkinesis that would otherwise be provoked by spontaneous movements. Motor learning can be achieved much more effectively this way. The correct movement will be written in the memory and with adequate repetition it will also get fixated.


Combining different types of splints and appliances according to individually selected training of activity or movement further increases the effect. The use of the lifting equipment Redcord is a very effective means of exercise. This system allows you to both facilitate the movement or make it more difficult, according to the need of the patient and the goal of therapy. A child can manage to perform exercise positions and therapeutic elements that it otherwise couldn’t. Additionally, it is possible to target the weakest link in the musculoskeletal system with great precision. There is individual approach to each child; the procedures are adjusted according to the current health and physical condition of the child.


How long is the treatment programm?

29 days/28 days


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