Unique therapy for children
Unique therapy for children
with cerebral palsy
The rehabilitation methods
The rehabilitation methods
that really work
We want to help children
We want to help children
to stand on their own feet
Intensive rehabilitation
Intensive rehabilitation
after joint surgery
Modern equipment
Modern equipment
for effective rehabilitation
Unique healing source
Unique healing source
iodine-bromine brine
Effective neurorehabilitation
Effective neurorehabilitation
for children

With more than twenty years of tradition and experience in neurorehabilitation

Sanatoria Klimkovice neurorehabilitation clinic provides expert care to clients with motor and psychomotor disabilities. We specialise in treatment of adults and children with cerebral palsy, post-traumatic brain injuries, rehabilitation after strokes and postoperative rehabilitation after joint replacement.

Through a wide range of innovative and highly effective neurorehabilitation methods, our team of experts help make a real difference in the quality of life of our clients.

Spa treatment

Adult neurorehabilitation

Children neurorehabilitation

Other services

Klimkovice Spa offers many options to enjoy your free time and discovered  new places.

Leisure time

Part of a successful spa treatment and recovery of physical strength is a balanced diet.


There are various types of comfortable accommodation available within the clinic.


Partner clinics providing additional professional care and surgery.



Even though I speak very little Czech, all the staff here are very hospitable and make it as convenient for me as possible.  I am also impressed with the wide selection of treatments that I participate in. It also helps that Sanatoria is located in a beautiful part of the country, set in peaceful and beautiful countryside.

 I believe there’s no time limit in life. I was born with congenital hip dysplasia. It means my joint and muscles weren't developed normally.

Hello! My name is Eva. Five years ago, I suffered a brain haemorrhage. Since that time, I have been looking for a therapy that would help as much as possible. Classic rehabilitation therapy keeps my health. The only things that help me are special therapies which Sanatoria Klimkovice offers.



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