Anwar Aldhafeeri (26), Kuwait

 I believe there’s no time limit in life. I was born with congenital hip dysplasia. It means my joint and muscles weren't developed normally.

In 2015, I underwent an operation and had total hip replacement. The operation was successful. Unfortunately, I suffered severe side effects. My nerve was injured due to leg lengthening. However, we can make the best or the worst so I followed the rule which states that 30% of the cure comes from the surgery and 70% from good rehabilitation! 

 When I first arrived at Sanatoria Klimkovice I could barely stand or walk because of the pain. My thoughts were shattered, I was totally confused and I had doubts about the treatment. The team therapists and the head physician saw my confusion and fear. They listened to me and treated me with an open heart and patience until I got my smile and cheerfulness back. My treatment plan was based on Klim-Therapy. I started to see the results just after the first week. I was thrilled and excited because the pain began to fade away and my motion became better than before! Now after having an intensive Klim-Therapy session I'm proud to say I've never been better and I have no regrets what's so ever. I was given a new life thanks to the amazing hardworking team - especially my Therapist, Abdullah Walweel and Dr. Tomas Bauko. They literally devoted themselves and poured everything they've got to achieve the best result. To me, this isn't just a rehabilitation centre; it's my second home which I'll always get back to.

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