Prokop Pospisil (15), Czech republic

Prokop was born prematurely in the 26th week, as our fourth child. He has cerebral palsy – the most severe form of spastic quadruparesis. 

"Currently he moves in a wheelchair. He’s been rehabilitating since he was born, he swims, rides a tricycle, goes to hippotherapy. However, he has always achieved the biggest progress after the therapy in Klimkovice. Therefore we try to repeat this treatment as often as possible, especially now that his body is growing rapidly. After several therapies he is able to walk and stand with assistance. He is able to sit in school, during hygiene or when eating. After the last therapy, the motor skills of his hands have also improved. This means that he now uses his left hand, which used to be passive. He is able to pour himself a drink, eat his meals, hold a slice of bread. These activities he could not manage before. We strive for the greatest improvement so he can be as independent as possible. Prokop has been actively cooperating during all therapies - he clearly sees the progress he has achieved and that motivates him to continue."

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