Libuse Zebrakova (70), Czech republic

After I suffered a stroke I tried rehabilitation at several clinics. But this year, my husband heard a radio interview with a therapist from Sanatoria Klimkovice where she talked about a specialized therapy for patients after stroke. 

Karin, my therapist, was very pleasant and professional. She explained how the therapy works, conducted the initial examination and drew up an exercise plan. The exercise plan was compiled with great care and respect to my strength and possibilities, and I was more than satisfiedMy goal was to start using the affected hand at least for some basic household tasks. After 12 years of not using my right hand, I was able to use it again - I could peel potatoes, make pancakes, chop bananas and other everyday activities. I'd like to thank Karin for her attitude and motivation. Because of her I had the strength to get up every day and exercise. 

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